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Ecommerce, Hand Coded, WordPress, Marketing Websites - Oh, Where to Start?

There are so many options nowadays for creating a website that you might be wondering where to start. Fortunately, SpeckArt Sites offers a variety of website options to fit your individual needs. These options range from hand-coded websites (HTML5 and CSS3) and eccomerce sites for selling products and/or services, to marketing sites (think: call-to-actions, promotions, digital ad banners - that kind of thing) and CMS-based websites like WordPress.

Where to start is going to depend on your need. Will you have the time, patience, and motivation to manage your own website? Will you have news to share on a regular basis about your service, product, or advancements within your company? Answering questions like these will help you determine which direction to go with your website.

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Start Your Website Journey Off on the Right Foot

At SpeckArt Sites, we recommend doing your homework before taking the plunge. You'll save time, and money in the
long run by starting your website-development journey off on the right foot. And hey, I think most of us
could use that extra money and time, am I right?

SpeckArt Sites focuses on sustainable website creation, meaning we want your website to grow with you, not be dumped
months later because you discover it doesn't actually fit your needs - subsequently, wasting you time and money.

Call SpeckArt Sites for a free consultation; we'll help you answer pertinent questions, and navigate through the process
so you find the best fit for you (whether it's with us or another company).

Website Options at a Glance

I don't want to bore you with the nitty-gritty just yet, so here's a few facts about each offering

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Hand Coded Website

Website composed using HTML5 and CSS3. Pros include no-monthly committment, (like CMS platforms often involve) more control over the design of your website, better Internet marketing capabilities, and you own the web pages and content.

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WordPress Website

A CMS platform with no monthly commitment. Wide variety of templates to design your site. The better templates tend to garner a relatively small fee. Drawbacks involve security issues and regular updates, which would likely require help from a web developer.

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Ecommerce Website

Involves the selling of physical, digital, or service-oriented goods online. Best suited for people who want to sell online, especially if they want to reach a larger geographic region, or go nationally. Will likely require Internet marketing to drive traffic.

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Marketing Website

Can be CMS-based, or hand-coded. Great for business websites with a strong message, and ask. Marketing aspect includes call to action, copywriting, high visibility of contact information, and promotions.

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Hand Coded Website Explanation

Ideal for Someone who wants more control over the design of their website; and/or who wants to drive traffic to their site via Internet marketing, like SEO, display advertising, or PPC.

A huge benefit of a hand-coded website is that you own the design, the web pages and the content that compose your site.

In contrast, with CMS platforms like, for example, you're using their proprietary software. Meaning, that once you stop paying them to use their platform, your website (pages, content) go bye-bye, and you're starting from scratch somewhere else.

WordPress, and Content Management Systems (CMS)

WordPress is a popular platform that only seems to be growing in popularity. It's a CMS platform, but it's open source, meaning it's essentially free (i.e. no monthly fees to use the platform).

WordPress offers numerous template options that can be customized, some more than others. Often, the better temaplates garner a relatively small fee.

However, as with everything, it does have its drawbacks in terms of security and updates - something you would need to learn about if you want to maintain a WordPress website yourself. If you're up for it, a WordPress site can be developed for you, and then handed over for you to manage yourself.

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Ecommerce Website Explanation

Ecommerce is short for electronic commerce, and involves the buying and selling of goods online. These goods can be physical, digital, or service-oriented.

So, which demographic is best suited for an eccomerce website? Anyone who wants to sell online, especially if they want to reach a larger geographic region, or go nationally and/or internationally.

Unfortunately, you can't realistically expect the sales to start coming in once your website goes live. You'll need to draw traffic to your website, especially if targeting regions outside of your locale, through Internet marketing.

Fortunately, SpeckArt Sites operates as a one-stop-shop by offering Social Media Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. We'll help your target audience find you so you can bring home that bacon (or Fakin' Bacon) sooner.

Marketing Website

Any website can be a marketing website, whether your want a CMS-based website, or a hand-coded one. Essentially, a marketing website is asking for the sale, or asking viewers to complete some action immediately. This is done with strong calls to action (CTA) throughout the website; persuasive copywriting; high visibility of contact information, and promotions and other teasers to entice a target audience.

Marketing sites are great for business owners, and not as necessary for folks who have an online portfolio of their artwork.

All business-oriented websites should have some marketing, because, statistically, people are more likely to buy if encouraged. But the amount of marketing on any site is up to the client; SpeckArt Sites is just here to lend a guiding hand.

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