Social Media Marketing
& Management

Social Media Marketing
& Management

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Whatever your service or product, there's an audience for it on the web - SpeckArtSites can help that audience find you. Whether you already have prepared content and just need help getting it to the right audience, or you need content creation services, SpeckArtSites can help.

SpeckArt Sites can also devise a realistic social media marketing plan for you that's based on your business goals.

For more information on the types of content we produce, check out the Content Creation page.


What Content Do I Have to Share?

It's a common question from business owners, but fortunately it's fairly simple to answer. It all depends on your service, or product.
Check out a few ideas, below, to learn about the different kinds of content that can be shared socially.

When would I have the time to do this, you ask? Don't fear - by signing up for a social media management package,
SpeckArtSites can create, and share the content for you.

Great for explaining the inner-workings
of a more complex product, or
service. Infographics provide quick
visual explanations, and can be easily shared across multiple social media channels, like Twitter, Instagram, and facebook.
Videos have proven to be a powerful tool for driving engagement, and are sharable across popular social media channels like facebook,
and Twitter. Great for engagement, and highly
visibly on YouTube (the second
largest search engine after Google)
Promotional copy, including press releases.
Great for marketing websites, and businesses with news to share about company advancements, or products.
Press releases work well with audiences who don't mind reading a full post, and they can be broken up with images to be less copy heavy.
In the 21st Century, the idea that
"a photo is worth a thousand words"
is more true than ever, as many people
prefer to look at images with captions
over reading full posts.
Photos are especially great for
younger audiences.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

The below steps detail the process we use to determine the best social media marketing strategy for your business


We Learn

We learn about your business goals, your current customer base, and your ideal target audience.


We Search

Then we search for the appropriate social media marketing channels to accomplish your goals.


We Create

Next, we begin creating business profiles for you on these channels. Then we begin posting content on your behalf based on the agreed upon frequency.


We Monitor, and Modify

We monitor your profile pages, and use analytics to measure the level of engagement, and return on investment (ROI). Based on the response, we either continue with the current marketing plan, or devise a new one.


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