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Company Mission & Philosphy

SpeckArt Sites is a small two-person operation whose founders work to live, not live to work. We have a relaxed style that allows us to have fun while ensuring our customers' needs are met in a timely manner. We're passionate about helping small-to-medium sized business owners realize their goals, and pride ourselves on providing top notch support, guidance and education throughout the process.

We know time is precious and we don't want you to waste any, which is why we provide a multitude of services geared toward helping you grow your business online. From website design, and development to content creation, and social media management - we've got you covered.


About the Company

Key features of our company



We're fair and honest folks. We want you to find the best services for your needs - even if it means you're better off with one of our competitors. We'll give you honest feedback, and help you along your journey as much as possible.


Consultative Approach

Committed to matching services with your business needs, and educating you along the way. We believe it's important that you understand exactly what you're investing in, how it works, and how it benefits your business.


One-on-One Support

We handle all aspects of the business process. We provide goal-based consultation, complete the work, and provide customer support. We're a small two-person operation, and we plan on keeping it that way.



We're passionate about helping people suceeed, and passionate about the work we do. We have high standards, and would never put forth work that didn't convey those standards.

The Faces Behind SpeckArt

The ones who run the show

profile image of website developer, and internet marketer Corinne Speckert

Corinne Speckert

Project Manager, Developer

The go-to person. Corinne manages client projects; produces content; designs and develops websites; and provides marketing services such as social media marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

profile photo or graphic artist Sean Speckert

Sean Speckert

Art Director

Sean is a multi-talented graphic artist. He produces artwork for projects, both digital and physical pieces. Logo design, digital ad banners, print materials, video animation, and graphics are just a few things he creates.


Stormy SpeckArt

Morale Manager, CA

Stormy keeps Corinne focused on projects by sitting on her lap, subsequently inhibiting her ability to move away from the computer. She uses her deafening meows to ensure Corinne takes breaks from her work every once in a while.


Lucy & Anna

Morale Managers, WA

Lucy, and Anna keep Sean on a short leash by reminding him of pending deadlines, and treat-time. They provide motivation in the form of belly rubs, and have served as the inspiration of many of Sean's artistic projects.

Our Combined Experience

With Corinne's background in journalism and website development, and Sean's degree in graphic design and digital media, it only made sense for the brother-sister duo to team up. Their expertise in online media is abundant, and varied. Take a look at some of their key strengths.

Corinne has been writing for the web for over a decade. She started off as an SEO copywriter, and learned about content strategy - as a means to drive website traffic - as a reporter and editor for AOL. Her interest in web content production motivated her to learn about website design, and development. Corinne utilizes her combined skills to offer custom websites, content creation, and management services to clients. She resides in her hometown of Santa Cruz, Calif.

Sean is one of those people who's fortunate enough to do the work he loves. Inspired by his professional-painter grandmother, Beverly Speckert, he has been creating art since the age of eight-years-old. Sean is a natural-born artist who's passionate about helping others realize their artistic vision by turning them into tangible pieces of art. He specializes in a plethora of art forms ranging from graphic design, print design, and photo manipulation to video production, animation, and illustration. Sean resides in Puyallup, WA with his lovely wife, and their two pugs. Check out his portfolio, SpeckArtDesign, to view some of his work.

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